One Scalable Visibility & Position Intelligence Platform

Powered by Patented 2-way Bluetooth Software

People & Assets Realtime 3D management

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One platform Secure and scaleable for any business

Out of the box & turnkey

Setup, daily use, maintenance, and scaling are so easy. Loud-Hailer achieves all this with our patented 2-way Bluetooth software. You manage it through the Position Intelligence Hub. An elegant combination of software, hardware, and services consisting of:

  • Position Intelligence Hub – management, dashboards and reporting
  • iOS and Android mobile apps 2-way, device agnostic BTE software
  • Proprietary BUKI Box, wearables, fobs, environmental sensors and app
  • Device, IOT and hardware agnostic integration and interoperability
  • Out of the box, configurable, and customized solutions and applications
  • 24/7/365 data management and security
  • Dedicated onboarding and customer success support
  • Ever increasing number of solutions, applications, and device integrations
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Experience Our Scaleable ROI Solution

Our patented software is the first to enable cross platform devices to talk directly to each other without consistent cloud connection. Our proprietary technology provides a significant business advantage.

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  • Our 2-way Bluetooth mesh network technology enables iOS, Android and LINUX devices to talk directly to each other. 
  • That means our solution keeps working even if the customer’s facility is cut off from the server due to a connection failure.
  • This also makes our technology scalable and configurable, where customers can roll out our solution all at once or incrementally. 
  • With our BUKI Boxes we can install quickly (over 1M sq ft installed in a couple of days). 
  • Our software also manages all repairs and upgrades virtually, with no site visits.
  • This means we install fewer pieces of hardware at the customer site, and revisit them less frequently, making our solution more affordable, nimble and faster. 
  • And we give people free mobility of movement, no need to scan to enter or exit different locations or swipe any cards or fobs.

How Loud-Hailer’s Privacy Model Builds Strong Employee Engagement

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3 Laws of Privacy - Consent, Protection and Reward (CPR)

Loud-Hailer passionately believes in user privacy and this document outlines the company’s philosophy towards this complex and controversial topic. Loud-Hailer uses the following Three Laws to guide our current Data Privacy Policy and these laws will serve to guide the company’s decisions in the future.