The future is all about automation. Loud-Hailer has invented 2 directional Bluetooth that has opened the technology door to enable us to automate the physical world.

Whether it be someone walking into an airport terminal and being automatically checked in to being able to pre-order and pick up ones favorite coffee while in route to their gate. An individual at their place of work participating in contact and facility tracing simply by being there. Perhaps a company wants to see how many people are in their building or on a specific floor. The applications for enabling automatic services triggered by a devices presence are endless.

This is making life better, one automation at a time.

Join us. 


Loud-Hailer’s Bluetooth technology enables organizations to implement contact and facility tracing to enhance the safety of employees.  Our solution is simple, cost-effective, and can use either a mobile app or a health wearable.  We will work with your organization to ensure that your staff is comfortable with the technology, including privacy concerns.


Loud-Hailer thought about how we could extend the range of Bluetooth Low Energy, as we worked to solve that problem we created self healing mesh networks that can be created as either an extension of the internet or can function without any internet connection at all. This opened up all sorts of possibilities for IoT and “things” applications, even if these networks are moving or stationary. This laid the foundation to rethink how all connected devices, smart and otherwise can work.


Our asset tracking solution can be used to track anything, from people, to vehicles, equipment and anything else a business might need to keep track of. Our solution is unique in that we work inside and underground as well as outside. Our solution has the flexibility to scale up and down as needed, an array of additional functionality and services can also be added on as your needs grow and change.


A visit to a concert hall, stadium, and even an airport will never be the same after a Loud-Hailer technology upgrade. Guests, visitors, travelers can enjoy a curated digital menu of services on-site including maps, information, services, and refreshments. Guests will be able to make the most out of their experiences while venues will enjoy revenue optimization.


Our Bluetooth technology allows businesses to directly communicate with customers when they are in the area.  As a customer walks by a store they frequent, they can be digitally alerted to in-store promotions and other information related to that location. Location-based marketing can quickly be analyzed and updated to optimize marketing activity and drive traffic.


Bluetooth technology will power the next payment revolution.  You will no longer have to pull out your wallet or tap your phone. You will also not have to queue up, deal with long lines waiting to pay at a register. Instead the cashier’s device will simply communicate directly with your phone and you can pay for your item in a contactless, secure transaction without lining up. The days of waiting in line and dealing with registers are over.