Visibility and Position Intelligence Solutions For People and Assets, all on one Scalable Platform

Setup, Daily Use, Maintenance, and Scaling are So Easy

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Our comprehensive visibility solutions can pair with any wearable, sensor, biometric and environmental devices on one management platform, the future in streamlined experiences.

Unlock Your Position Intelligence Today!

Have visibility and control of your operations at the employee & asset level with our system that’s:

* Affordable, easy to plug and play in days

* Multifunctional solutions across departments & scaleable

* Device and hardware agnostic

See what the power of our patented 2-way Bluetooth can do to supercharge your business.

Power Your Business Processes With Position Intelligence

Loud-Hailer can be deployed in any business seeking greater visibility and control of people and assets. Our growing suit of Visibility Solutions, applications and tools for leveraging position intelligence in the management of your business include:

Operations Optimization

Infusing real-time location data of employees and important assets powers enhancements to all of your business operations.

Health & Wellness

Wearables makes it easy to improve wellbeing and corporate culture while promoting productivity, safety & efficiencies.

Safety & Security

From managing your perimeter to insuring the safest execution of every task, Position Intelligence drives efficacy and compliance.

Facility Planning & Mapping

New construction, renovations, or re-orging for the Future of Work, visibility and measurement of people’s interactions in the workplace is vital for change and enhancement.

Time & Attendance

Employee & contractor on-site location data and analysis enhances and automates your HR and payroll management.

Asset Protection

Start or expand better management and utilization of every important asset through real-time visibility of their location and movements.

Supply Chain Optimization

Better manage your flow of goods with active and coordinated Position Intelligence on your people, assets, and pallets or other supply management tools.

Budget & Tax Management

Health bands enhance insured wellness programs. Employee well being with biometirc measures. Measure quality of customer workouts at gym by matching sensor data to location.

Customer Experience

Customers, clients and partners can all benefit by enhancing the visibility and connectivity of employees through Position Intelligence.

Indoor Positioning - Contact Tracing

Digitally manage your pandemic security, guest management or any processes where knowing where everyone is in real-time and historically is imperative.


People and assets are connected to each other and our BUKI Box via smartphones, smart devices, and wearables, providing businesses with comprehensive 4D visibility and control and underground and actionable data accessible on the Position Intelligence Hub housing different applications and solutions.

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Managed from a central Position Intelligence Hub, clients can engage in an array of solutions and applications that leverage actionable location data. This control center manages from desktop or smartphone all location data driven processes like facility security, contact tracing, asset management, emergency alerting and more. Our Hub and patented software also makes implementation seamless and easy while updates and fixes happen instantly and remotely.

Our solutions library and integration to solutions and devices continue to expand with the voice of the customer. Our services are evolving as well, from needs analysis, onboarding, and account management to strategic engagements with our clients.

Because we built and continue to evolve Loud-Hailer everyday with the voice of our clients, we are the only solution whose platform, applications, and devices work harmoniously together to solve real world problems and deliver measurable results.