We work with businesses in people dense locations.

+ Convention Centers
+ Stadiums
+ Arenas
+ Museums
+ Universities
+ Transit systems
+ Airports
+ Arts, entertainment and sports centers
+ Amusement parks
+ Tourist attractions
+ Parks and nature preserves
+ Retail and restaurants

Our customers operate physical facilities, where they have large numbers of people on-site at various times, and where they want to give their visitors a better experience while learning about how those visitors are using their facilities. With our light infrastructure solution, you can build your own network inside your facility or build your own citywide network in days.

For those customers who want to set up our mesh network but do not want the hassle of building and maintaining their own app, they can join our BUKI network.  You can learn more about BUKI here.

We are currently working on software development kits (SDKs) for third-party app developers and those customers who want to integrate our technology into their own tech. 


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If you would like to chat about how we can help you provide your visitors or customers a better experience, please contact us.