Enhanced Tracking, the silver lining investment for businesses.

At the start of year three of COVID-19 in the USA, every person, organization, and business have spent time, resources, and money to address our shared global challenges.

Most of us have been responding to new threats and challenges as they have arisen.

This type of emergency response, while well intentioned and effective in the moment, has many still operating with a hodgepodge of technical, physical, and operation solutions.

We’re still holding onto the ideal that this is just something temporary, and we’ll mostly go back to “normal” when it is all over.

In reality, like our response to 9/11, How we manage our security, operations, employees, and facility has permanently changed.

And like our crisis response 20 years ago, some of these reactions are changes for the better!

One not so hidden benefit you might have missed is Digital Contact Tracing.

Don’t worry if you did. Federal and state mandates and guidelines have not pushed businesses much beyond transparency of reporting cases.

This is why most businesses tackled this challenge manually, and didn’t investigate and invest in automating this process.

However, for industries where they had already invested in Indoor Positioning Solutions, they were able to flip this capability and automatically manage their #contacttracing in greater detail and manage historical records more efficiently.

At a minimum, more efficiently than those with clipboards, eyeballs, and spreadsheets!

At Loud-Hailer, we pivoted our Indoor Positioning Platform and Solutions from consumers to the employee in 2020 because of the pandemic.

We realized that our ability to effectively and economically manage the location data of people in real-time was the perfect solution for businesses (especially front line businesses) who didn’t already have a Position Solution as a part of their operations.

Today, our clients have Digital Contact Tracing embedded in their safety operations and pandemic response.

That alone has shown multiples of return on the investment with Reopening and keeping the business open with minimal disruption and no complete shutdowns.

Generating company-wide goodwill and belief in the shared effort on safety while working together onsite, Spending minutes per week to Managing the entire Digital Contact Tracing process.

With the confidence that the historical records are secure and recallable for reporting at a moments notice.

DM or comment to learn more about how you can get your Digital Contact Tracing setup in days.

Check out our Insights page for more strategies and stay tuned for where our clients are leveraging their Position Intelligence next.

So many silver linings that spur from this one!


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