COVID Keeps Workplace Wellness Evolving Over & Over


Year 3 of COVID looks much better than years 1 and 2.

But it’s impacts on the workplace and the future uncertainty of variants have changed our concepts of a safe and healthy work environment.

Some businesses have gone 100% virtual, and htus have eliminated the risks of workplace contamination.

For front line businesses and those who are returning in full or hybrid, COVID has measurably changed health, wellness and safety at work.

Everything from contact tracing, to floorplan design, to air circulation, to shift cycles, to process changes have been in the COVID response mix.

The best thing about these changes is that when done with and for employees, they are embraced and seen as a major positive for the business and the company culture.

Our clients who leverage Loud-Hailer through employee wearables share they have seen dramatic positive engagement and feedback from employees.

Being a part of an organization wide wellness and safety initiative makes them feel empowered and more secure knowing that their management cares and is looking out for them.

Leveraging our wearable technology will help manage your contact tracing and workplace operations improvement.

But the best, most beneficial and bottom/top line improving results likely might be the improvement of the culture around a shared commitment to health, wellness and safety.

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