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Positively leverage your technology!

We recently read a great, expansive, and informative paper by ScienceDirect on Wearables at Work.

Great read for anyone considering or already using wearables at work. Potential and pitfalls with footnotes!

One thing that jumped out at us was the concept of Colonizing the Private Domain.

Simply put, the expansion of our work life into our personal life. A constant challenge and one that technology can be an unintentional catalyst.

This is why we ensure that our tech and how we partner with our clients to implement solutions.

Matched with an inclusive communications, training, and ongoing management components.

Data collection is relevant, useful, and secure to work related activities and processes.

Employees are informed and empowered to use wearables in a positive framework to perform and excel while on premises.

Removing any possibility for perceiving wearables in a negative light while including all involved in the positive applications before launching is the only path to success.

Drop us a DM if you would like to discuss how to positively leverage the technologies that will transform this decade! 

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