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November 11, 2021

Los Angeles, Nov. 11, 2021 – Innovative Technology Allows Businesses to Monitor Employees, Assets, and Environments With 1 Easy-to-Use Platform

Loud-Hailer brings a new level of visibility and protection to cannabis grows and businesses.

Companies can monitor and track their plants but what about the people around the plants?

This blind spot now has a solution that all cannabis businesses will need to further enhance the quality of their crops.

Because healthy people mean healthy crops.

CANNAKINS AND LOUD-HAILER have teamed up to bring this new innovation to the market to help improve visibility of both plants and people in and around their facilities.

With this Visibility Solution offering companies will be able to improve the growing performance of their crops by being able to monitor all conditions including the human element.

This offering also creates a historical data base that a grow can reference if an unexpected element came up in a crop.

This is the latest in innovative out of the “pot” thinking from Cannakins and Loud-Hailer.

Fast and efficient never looked so good.

Cannakins is a managed service provider to licensed cannabis operators.

We support our clients in the areas of: Licensing | Facility Buildout | Facility Operations | Marketing Integration

Loud-Hailer is a position intelligence start-up based in New York’s Hudson Valley that uses proven and proprietary technology in revolutionary ways.  

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