Articles - Bluetooth Myths 2

Bluetooth technology cannot operate well in industrial environments?

There is “the perception that Bluetooth SIG is not capable of performing well in industrial/warehouse environments and is therefore not a reliable technology for RTLS applications. However, Bluetooth® technology is already being deployed in many challenging commercial and industrial environments, enabling use cases where high performance and reliability is required, ranging from forklift and vehicle tracking to worker safety applications, material and asset tracking, and even low-latency sports tracking applications.”

The team in the on-demand webinar, linked in the article below, goes deep into details to hash out this myth. It’s a great resource for the experiences and the new to #RTLS, #indoorpositioning , and anyone wanting to leverage your people and asset position data to improve your #operations , #safety , and quality of work life.

We have yet to run into an industrial, commercial, logistics, office or other environment where our patented 2-way Bluetooth software is inhibited by environmental concerns. 

Furthermore, with our flexibility with agnostic hardware and device implementations, usage and maintenance we do not run into other historic obstacles of cost, management, and in facility issues.

Industrial or otherwise, Loud-Hailer has the right options for your position intelligence program’s success.

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