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At Loud-Hailer we believe in sharing insights, best practices, and engage the business community on unlocking the power of Position Intelligence. Explore how you can improve visibility, operations, safety & security, health & wellness in The Future of Work.

Delight Employees

with Smart Wearables

Smart Wearables

Digital Makes It A Snap

Indoor Position Intelligence

Technology Adoption Curve

COVID Keeps Evolving

Workplace Wellness

This Is Only a Test

Instantly Know Where Everybody Is

Heath Facilities

can save up to 40 hours

Colonization of the Private Domain

Positive applications

Reduce Costs and Improve Productivity

with integrated wearables

Enhance Teams and Culture

with Data & Connectivity

Bluetooth Myth 1

is Bluetooth technology

Bluetooth Myth 2

does Bluetooth work in


invented the tracking number

Is Your Solution Being

framed by the problem or the technology?

Why Companies Aren't

cutting back on office space

Bet On It:

37% of desks will be empty


January 21, 2022 marks 2 years since the first case in the US

Enhanced Tracking

Digital Tracking Silver Lining

At the start of year three of COVID-19 in the USA, every person, organization,

Indoor GPS

Our 2-way Bluetooth comes to the rescue



Strategic Partnership

to provide comprehensive sales, service, implementation and integration services


Jack Chen. Loud-Hailer. COVID-19 & Contact Tracing.


cannabis operations

Strategic Partnership

Working to improve cannabis facility visibility.