How We Do It

Our patented technology connects smart devices to each other automatically, anonymously and securely using a particular type of Bluetooth known as Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE, at up to 250 feet apart. Other users within this distance will then automatically join the network thereby creating a mesh network. Remember that this 250-feet is a sphere, so users on different floors can join the network.




For our customers who have large facilities, we also offer a BUKI Box, which will help ensure the performance of the network throughout the area.

Best of all, our light infrastructure solution works with existing technologies — and expands them so our customers do not have to pay a fortune to set up a network or expand it.



Current Thinking

Right now if you want to send information to someone, no matter how close they are to you, both of you pretty much need to have Internet access, which is the information superhighway. So even if you are 10 feet apart, the message that one of you send to the other actually travels hundreds of miles from the device to the carrier to servers back down to the other device.

We think about whether when communications are happening over a short distance, can we provide a local road. This way, those local communications do not need to fight for a spot on the superhighway. This gives people a better experience while reducing the overall cost.

For example, if you are a stadium and you want to enable in-seat ordering, that customer will be fighting for the same bandwidth as the other person next to them who is live-streaming their game-day experience. When you look at an environment like a stadium, there is a substantial amount of communications happening locally within that facility, where people may want to order their food and drink ahead for pickup, or friends are messaging each other to meet up later. The Internet model can serve these needs, but it is expensive.