Case Studies

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Panda Express

Restaurant Chain
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Newport &

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Large Convention

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Galardi Group

Food Chains

Experience, Value & Results

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Fortune 130 Company – Panda Express


  • Provide a safe work environment at HQ
  • No visibility of staff around the 1.3M sq ft at HQ
  • How to maintain full staff onsite safely
  • Mitigate revenue loss
  • Enable smart wearables for ease of use (reduce touch points)


  • No ability to identify who is on premises
  • No ability to track movement of employees on premises
  • No private & secure system to manage employe location data
  • ID badges not an efficient way to see who is on premises, what time they arrived & what time they departed.


  • Over 30 Trackers deployed across the 1.3M SQ. FT. facilities
  • Health bands for each employee for automatic monitoring
  • 24/7 HR access for transparent timekeeping
  •  Secure & private data management
  • HR gains digital visibility of 800+ employees at HQ
  • Enable contact & facility tracing, improving safety
  • Upgraded to facility management solution


  • Significantly reduced the risk to employees & of shutdowns, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in loss per day
  • CalOSHA called the solution “Top Tier”
  • Safely operational with 800+ staff onsite at HQ
  • Improved staff morale with health band, etc. department competition with each other for daily steps, miles walked, etc.
  • Increased visibility reduced insurance costs
The Breakers mansion in Newport RI

Newport, RI & Newport Mansions

1M+ seasonal visitors; 100s of stores, restaurants, businesses & tourist destinations – No digital visibility, knowledge or engagement.


  • No insights into visitor numbers or movements across the city
  • Developers needed to make better investment decisions that involved understanding the movement of visitors & residents across the city’s institutions & businesses
  • Increase tourist & resident engagement across city’s institutions & businesses & increase their spending


  • Visibility with measuring visitor traffic inside hotels & qualitative business measurements were inconclusive
  • Visitors to the destination for a day-trip were not able to be quantitatively measured
  • Determination for enhanced service levels & other offerings for the city require further discussion & decision making by the city
  • For events around the city attendee size unknown, but likely over 10K on average


  • Developed & executed a study, gathering data, analyzing results, & providing insights into visitor traffic
  • Installed 50+ Bluetooth® enabled & patented trackers throughout the city, enabling the digital tracking of movement at dozens of locations, including museums, shops & other tourist destinations
  • Launched a city-wide focused app, providing push notifications for tourists & residents, offering sponsorship opportunities & promotions
  • Reveal patterns on visitor movement & behaviors


  • Provided comprehensive details on movement of tourists & residents throughout the destination, providing the destination with transparent analysis & insights
  • 90% of visitors came by road, 10% by water
  • Day trippers versus overnight stays were fairly even 50/50
  • 30% were daily commuters, 70% were visitors
  • 50% of day-trippers stayed an average of 11 hours
  • 50% of overnighters staying 2 nights (Fri/Sat)
  • Museum/Attraction visitors who went to 3 sites would then visit
Columbus Convention Center front entrance

Columbus Convention Centre & Columbus, OH

Using people, position intelligence to understand and communicate how much business impact it creates on a medium size city.


  • Developers needed to make better investment decisions that involved understanding the movement of visitors & residents across the city’s institutions & business
  • Improve the coordination & cooperation between city businesses to enhance results for each during events
  • Improve their future looking schedule to make the most impact
  • Belief that with better understanding of conventioneers & coordination with other businesses, the convention center could significantly increase revenues for the center & across the city


  • No visibility into the travel of event attendees arriving & leaving across the city
  • Economic impact to the city for events & activities requires further development
  • Common data set points are needed throughout the city attractions in order to further define & analyze data subsets
  • Ranking the importance of economic impact based upon type of event/activity requires further development


  • Provided app to event attendees as part of event, allowing a digital connection to the facility, enabling data for movement
  • Trackers placed across the entire footprint of the convention center
  • Implemented trackers at airport, sports arena, shopping center & restaurant dining areas
  • Application utilized for 300+ exhibitors per event, enabling data for each booth to be transparently discovered
  • Provided visibility data of attendees averaging up to 250,000+ for a 3 day event to the client


  • The study provided comprehensive visibility, insights, and analysis into the increased impact of consumer traffic & engagement during events
  • Full attendee engagement, detailing airport arrival, time/location in city & departure
  • Much higher accuracy in counting number of attendees coming to city for events
  • Detailed analysis of attendees movement & engagement within the convention center
  • Detailed analysis of attendees movement & engagement with businesses in the city
A city shot in the early evening as the lights come on

Galardi Group/Wienerschnitzel

Disconnected and disjointed time & attendance processes at headquarters resulting in multiple full time employees covering deficiencies costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.


  • Flexible office hours made manual tracking of attendance virtually impossible 
  • No digital T&A system in place to track attendance
  • No digital Contact Tracing system for tracking, monitoring and reporting on cases and exposure
  • HR currently managing day to day and exceptions manually


    • Not enough HR staff to effectively manage everything in real time
    • Follow-up on attendance accounting involves too many person hours
    • Real time and reporting on Contact Tracing is 100% manual
    • No ability for HR Management to engage in additional initiatives


    • Position Intelligence Hub to centralize real time and historic visibility of all employees on site
    • Constellation trackers and hubs to cover HQ footprint
    • Uniquely identified wearables for each employee
    • Robust data analysis and reporting for T&A and Contact Tracing


    • T&A validation and reporting time drastically reduced
    • Contact Tracing reporting from hours and days down to minutes 
    • Reduction of manual management equivalent to 1-2 full time employees
    • Overall improvement in quality of reporting and analysis
    • HR management is now free to engage on new initiatives