At Loud-Hailer, we value creativity, innovation, and collaboration.  We know that the applications listed below are just the tip of the iceberg for our revolutionary technology.  We are confident that our clients will continue to help us push the applications for this technology further.


Loud-Hailer’s Bluetooth technology enables organizations to implement contact and facility tracing to enhance the safety of employees.  Our solution is simple, cost-effective, and relies on the mobile phones your workers already carry.  We will work with your organization to ensure that your staff is comfortable with the technology, including privacy concerns.


Bluetooth technology will power the next payment revolution.  You will no longer have to pull out your wallet or tap your phone.  The cashier’s device will simply communicate directly with your phone and you can pay for your item in a contactless, secure transaction.


Our Bluetooth technology allows businesses to directly communicate with customers when they are in the area.  As a customer walks by a store they frequent, they can be digitally alerted to in-store promotions and other information related to that location. Location-based marketing can quickly be analyzed and updated to optimize marketing activity and drive traffic.


A visit to a concert hall, stadium, and even an airport will never be the same after a Loud-Hailer technology upgrade. Guests, visitors, travelers can enjoy a curated digital menu of services on-site including maps, information, services, and refreshments. Guests will be able to make the most out of their experiences while venues will enjoy revenue optimization.


Loud-Hailer’s technology can help keep your workers safe on construction sites. Our flexible and affordable solution balances individual privacy and health concerns. The system collects information on close contacts between workers and uses our patented Bluetooth technology to trace the on-site locations that those workers have visited. Contact tracing is necessary to reduce the potentially disruptive and costly impact on a construction site that a single COVID-19 case can cause.


Loud-Hailer’s technology platform can help keep our schools open and our students safe.  Working in concert with regular testing, our contact and facility tracing solution will help school administrators navigate this challenging environment.  When school administrators are faced with the inevitable issue of a child or a teacher who has tested positive for COVID-19, our technology can help determine who the infected individual was in recent close contact with (contact tracing) and wherein the school they may have traveled (facility tracing).  Loud-Hailer’s technology and accompanying data will help school administrators to move swiftly in order to keep our students as safe as possible this Fall.