About BUKI

Inventor of 2-Way Bluetooth® Low Energy, enables automatic encrypted pairing between devices creating instant private connections. No tapping, swiping or scanning required.

The software enables smart tech to work automatically, removing the dependency on a constant internet connection.

People walking past a BUKI Hub

How We Got Here

For the first 6 years, we worked with communities, organizations & businesses to connect, communicate, & engage their citizens & customers.

Through every engagement, we learned & developed solutions & enhancements to meet the seemingly endless needs of what people needed.

As we progressed we discovered we had created a new more efficent way for smart devices to seamlessly connect. Removing the need to pair, tap, swipe or scan anything.

In 2020, with the global onset of COVID, we pivoted to focus on wellness for managing employees in the workplace to address the world gripped in an ongoing global pandemic.

What started with the immediate need for digitizing the management of contact tracing & wellness expanded into a mission to bring safety & visibility in the senior living sector.

Stunning product shot of a collection of our technology offerings, the BUKI Box and the BUKI Hub, temp sensor, movement sensor and wearable, lots of amazing technology to make the world a safer healthier place
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Jack Chen

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Cimon Butler

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Luca Cozza

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Jonathan Sroka

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Bill Moss

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Alan Rotenberg

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Brett Macomber

BUKI Discovery App Study

This app was a study in hyperlocal engagements using our invented technology. The BUKI Discovery app by BUKI Loud-Hailer improved your real-world experiences. Locations that support BUKI technology enhance visitors’ experience with Nearby Services by offering on-site information and content through a seamless and secure local network. The BUKI iOS & Android App provides contactless services, providing you the right information at the right time in the right place. A smarter world powered by your smartphone.

BUKI Discovery App screen shots
Logos of places where BUKI Discovery app has been