BUKI/Loud-Hailer is the inventor of 2-way Bluetooth

Enabling smart tech to automatically connect, removing the need to pair

Next level touchless technology, no tapping, swiping or scanning required

2 men walking down an office hallway past a fabulous device that automatically detects their presence and logs them into the office

How We Got Here

For the first 6 years, we worked with communities, organizations and businesses to connect, communicate, and engage their citizens, members and customers. Through every engagement, we learned and developed solutions and enhancements to meet the seemingly endless needs of connecting with hyper-local people in real time.

As we progressed we discovered we had created a new way for smart devices to seamlessly connect without the need to “pair or tap, swipe or scan” anything creating a new continuous flow experience for the end user.

In 2020, with the global onset of COVID, we pivoted to focus on wellness for managing employees and places of business to address the world gripped in an ongoing global pandemic. What started with the immediate need for digitizing the management of contact tracing and wellness has expanded into a mission to democratize the assistive visibility market.

2 handsome men sitting at a conference room table talking and looking at a tablet

Our Amazing Team

CEO & Co-Founder

President & Co-Founder

Special Projects, Technology Co-Founder