About Us

Our mission is to give people who want to learn and actively engage with all that is around them the tools to do so easily. We see technology’s potential to encourage people to physically explore and interact with what is around them rather than create digital feedback loops that reduce human interaction.  

So much of technology today is about negating the need for people to go out into the world. They can have stuff delivered. They can look at an art exhibit online. They can look at a virtual tour on a website. Our mission is to use technology so that people will leave their homes and go out into the world to see that art exhibit in person, to visit a park and perhaps discover other places and things nearby that they otherwise would not have ever known if they had stayed at home. 

Our Team

John Muggeridge
Derrick Clay
Albert Thompson
William Spencer
Jay Lessler
Joe Pimbley
Diana Nixon
Jim Flattery
Dr. Mark Deyong
Steve Carnes
Dr. Maria Villar
Dr. Shannon Halkyard
Craig Johnson

Our Founders

Jack Chen
Cimon Butler
Luca Cozza
Angie Lamat