We enhance the way you connect to the world.

Curiosity to learn about the world immediately around you is a basic human desire.



Today’s digital services struggle to provide information based on your smart location (hyperlocal, geospatial and vertical awareness).

This is a multifaceted challenge as current technologies require you to know what to search for, always have a strong signal, but fail to detect where you are vertically when you are indoors.

Smart thinking

To forge new paths, we had to invent the patented groundbreaking real-time mesh networking technology to tackle this multifaceted problem:

  • Send you information based on where you are, no need to search for what you should know.
  • Keep you always connected.
  • Provide you 3D indoor and underground GPS or let you take roll call, so you can locate where everyone is in real-time across multiple buildings, down to which room they are in.
  • HIPAA compatible encryption so we can handle your sensitive information securely.

Our Approach

We create smart location-aware mesh networks with our technology to complement (Internet/Wi-Fi). Our mesh networking technology will provide your customers with a better experience with a lower-cost solution with unprecedented insight into how your customers are using your facilities/spaces both indoors and outdoors and underground. We see this as a virtuous cycle: better data resulting in better services resulting in increased sales.