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BUKI, the Digital Companion enhances Senior Care

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Show your employees you care about their wellness. Smart wearables will delight while delivering results!


BUKI Loud-Hailer

Creating the Future of Work using our superior patented local detection technology, no pairing, no tap, swipe, scan, touch less experiences



BUKI Companion

How it Works

Assistive Visibility for Senior Care

• Wearable Soft tech covers residents, staff & the facility in a blanket of useful up to the minute information

• Account for & cover all residents, staff & guests in each facility

• Provides immersive visibility for admin & staff for enhanced senior experience & care

• Assists in helping residents achieve & maintain independence, wellness, safety & visibility

• Multiple textured threads of information give 24/7 journey mapping

• Presents staff & admin with the highest possible level of situational awareness

Older man being helped by younger man to do his shoulder exercises, they look happy and peaceful

Easy to Use Wearable Technology

Our comprehensive visibility solutions is device and hardware agnostic, can work with any wearable, sensor, biometric and environmental devices on one management platform, without the need to pair devices anymore. The future in connecting devices is streamlined for a easier and better experience. 

A beautiful illustration high lighting the journey mapping or an individual in a facility along with how the technology that is tracking the person works

Wellness Technology for Businesses

In a fast changing world most companies and organizations do not realize how blind they have become to the changes within their workspaces and locations. Companies are learning that wellness drives employee empowerment and satisfaction with smart wearables. 

2 young ladies sitting at a reception desk cheering and looking very excited, while the viewer is looking at them through a set of eye frames


People and assets are connected to each other and our BUKI Box via smartphones, smart devices, and wearables, providing businesses with comprehensive 4D visibility and control and underground and actionable data accessible on the Position Intelligence Hub housing different applications and solutions.

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2-Way Bluetooth

• BUKI/Loud-Hailer is the inventor of 2-way Bluetooth

• Enabling smart tech to automatically connect, removing the need to pair

• Next level touchless technology, no tapping, swiping or scanning required

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The BUKI app by BUKI Loud-Hailer improves your real-world experiences. Locations that support BUKI technology enhance visitors’ experience with Nearby Services by offering on-site information and content through a seamless and secure local network. The BUKI iOS & Android App provides contactless services, providing you the right information at the right time in the right place. A smarter world powered by your smartphone.

a selection of 5 screen shots of an old app, that used to be used for a connected city concept, again was lots of fun
a line of logos of organizations that were part of the connected city concept