Loud-Hailer® Technology enables users to send and receive data with their mobile devices without relying on an Internet, Wi-Fi or cellular service. This platform brings location awareness to digital technology, thereby enabling engaging, rewarding, vibrant, exciting and personalized experiences.


Buki-Box™ extending the BLE distance.

• Pocket-sized servers that can run on battery.
• Converts data between the cloud and BLE.
• Push-pull data in & out of the BLE networks to and from the cloud.
• Can broadcast multiple content simultaneously to mobile devices via BLE.
• Connects to other Buki-Boxes™, mobile devices and the cloud.

Extend distance approximately 1 mile under ideal conditions.


• Gather user content generated over BLE networks for analysis.
• Push cloud content to specific users through BLE networks.
• Manage user permissions and Buki-Boxes™.
• Push/pull data to specific Buki-Boxes™.
• iOS and Android compatible.

Proximity solution works offline, live connection to CMS not required.