It’s what’s on the inside

Loud-Hailer® Technology enables users to send and receive data with their mobile devices without relying on an Internet, Wi-Fi or cellular service. This platform brings location awareness to digital technology, thereby enabling engaging, rewarding, vibrant, exciting and personalized experiences.

Our Unique Strengths

Proprietary technology lessens the platform's dependence on traditional connectivity.
* No Signal? No Problem: Our technology has the ability to support offline credit card payments through Buki-Boxes™ using BLE.
* Improve Network Security: Reduce the number of targets for potential remote hacks. All transmissions are encrypted.
* Unparalleled data capabilities: Location based engagement, positioning, resource allocation and safety measures.
* Mobile-centric IoT configuration: Smart devices communicate directly to sensors and other devices without relying on Internet, Wi-Fi or Cell.
* Easier and more efficient: Use of BLE protocol allows enterprise to upgrade to a Loud-Hailer® solution through software updates to their machines, devices and sensors. Loud-Hailer® provides connectivity through middleware.