Connected Campus

Challenges Faced by Universities

Social Networks have mostly dominated the digital lives of students. Gathering data and profiting.

Universities are losing money at both ends:
* Paying for Wi-Fi and data
* Missing out on advertising revenue.

Our Connected Campus solution gives universities:
* Tools to provide that personalized experience.
* Access to user data.
* Profit participation.


Benefits for Students

Their own digital walled garden.
Social platform restricted to other university-affiliated users.
Ways to connect and transact with others with similar interests.

Engaging and personalized experience:
* Students want messages, not emails.
* Access class updates with a couple clicks.
* Tailored offers and discounts to make their lives easier.
* Lower their monthly data costs.
* Work experience and exposure to innovative technologies.


Benefits for Universities

Delivering a better experience to students.
* Improved interaction and communication with students.
* More engaged student community - more connected with the university and each other.

Gather data for analytics to improve campus operations and resource allocation.
* Means for potential revenue.
* Reduce budget demands on Wi-Fi and data costs.
* Entrepreneurial experience for students.