Assistive Visibility for Senior Care

We offer a wearable soft tech, light touch solution, that changes with the needs of the senior living communities, residents, staff, leadership and visitors are all covered in this protective blanket of real time visibility.

BUKI Companion Overview

BUKI Companion for Operators

Senior Care Community Challenges​

The world’s population is aging at a rate not seen before. The demands on existing and to be built elder care facilities are only increasing. One of the many, many challenges facing facility operators is providing complete and comprehensive monitoring 24/7/365. This challenge is exponentially more challenging without enough qualified staff to look after the residents in their care. There is an imperative need to be more vigilant with the aging population with the unique and expanding health and wellness needs.

Providing high-quality, comprehensive care efficiently for all elder care needs for every unique resident is increasingly challenging!  At any moment an individual resident’s needs may go unnoticed, not because of a lack of care, but because care providers cannot be everywhere at once. The high quality care you want to provide could benefit from a high tech boost.

A close up of 2 people holding hands, while wearing our cutting edge smart health wearable

BUKI, the Digital Companion

This is where BUKI comes in! BUKI is a digital companion for each resident. Available all day, everyday, quietly assisting in the care of each resident. BUKI powered by Loud-Hailer’s real-time data collection and processing provides additional support for the resident, staff and the care facility administrators.

One common challenge we understand facing senior care staff is ensuring each resident is properly stimulated both physically and mentally throughout the day. It is challenging to easily and inexpensively know if a resident is spending time in the company of others, or that their idle and alone time is limited.

Are they getting enough time in the company of others? 

Are they spending too much time alone? 

Are they getting out and moving around the community grounds?

There is no clear way to know what’s happening unless someone is following each resident around all day everyday. And that is just not economically sustainable. BUKI can help.

BUKI becomes a digital companion to each resident. We quietly work in the background, keeping an eye on the location and indicators that impact a resident’s social and emotional well-being—engagement, interaction, and mobility. We can notify staff if a resident is spending too much time alone, or there is a dangerous situation. Our digital companion will be able to give visibility and insights, help identify others who may have been affected. With a digital companion the list of use cases for helping is numerous.

A older gentleman getting a shot in his shoulder by a lovely older looking lab tech. They both look content

Protective Layer of Care

Our digital companion quietly works in the background gathering data to give staff more real-time information about the residents in their care. Care providers can only be in so many places at once. Adding a digital companion provides a virtual extra set of eyes on each resident for the staff. With staff and care providers being able to receive a notification when a resident has not moved in a while, or has not participated in an  activity or class, for example is a game changer.  

The BUKI technology provides facility administration more information about what is going on in and around the resident community. A Digital Companion can benefit the entire operation by providing a 3 pronged solution:

1:  A Safety & Security and Health & Wellness Companion  for the resident

2:  A 24/7 Visibility and instant response capability for each staff member

3:  A real time Visibility and management  platform for Executives and Operations

Older man being helped by younger man to do his shoulder exercises, they look happy and peaceful

Next Level Care

BUKI powered by Loud-Hailer drives actionable data that is:

Real-time for monitoring and alerting

Historical for AI driven aggregate analysis and documented for reporting and regulatory filing

Always on for environmental emergency situations, health or medical situations (like COVID), or when any external events could negatively impact the community. 

Benefits of implementing BUKI, the Digital Companions at your facility:

Facility operators will:

– Not have ever seen this level of digital visibility before.

Can help reduce:

– Insurance premiums

– Improve staff happiness

Staff recruitment aid:

– Promotes a healthier place to work

Resident happiness and:

– Wellness:

– Families of loved ones could log in to see where they are

Huge help with meeting

– Compliance and reporting requirements 

Data to assist in

– Getting grants, other funding options, etc.

It also becomes a new tier of care to offer the residents and their families.

3 medical guys looking at an x-ray together, they have their backs turned to the camera