About Us

"Our platform brings location awareness to digital technology, thereby enabling engaging, rewarding, vibrant, exciting and personalized experiences." - Jack Chen, CEO

Our Approach

Loud-Hailer®s proximity engagement solution provides the communication platform that enables brands to engage consumers with location specific content and personalized experiences. Our mission is to help every business, institution and marketer apply digital mobile technology to the physical world, so as to capture, analyze, understand and act on their constituents’ activities in real life.

Our Story

Loud-Hailer® was founded with a focus on resolving connectivity issues by connecting all types of smart devices using Bluetooth Low Energy to enable communications without the need for cell, Wi-Fi or Internet connection. The applications of our proprietary technology are vast: including proximity advertising, offline payments, hyper local engagement, analytics and IoT. Working with our customers, we quickly learned that communications was only the first step in a series of actions for which they desperately needed innovative, affordable and scalable solutions. They wanted a platform for locating and communicating with constituents on premises for location-based content delivery, marketing, safety measures and resource allocation. This light infrastructure solution is designed to integrate easily into existing networks and properties.

Jack Chen

Founder & CEO

Cimon Butler

Co-Founder, President / CCO

Luca Cozza

Technology & Operations

Angie Straub

Marketing and Sales

Gregory Kammerer

Business Development

Mykle Arvidson

Project Management

Steve Carnes

Information Technology

Our Advisors

Joseph M. Pimbley


Jay lessler


Rakesh Gupta


Robin R. Dillard


Shannon Halkyard Ph.D.

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