About Loud-Hailer

Loud-Hailer is a connectivity company like no other. Using the medium of Bluetooth technology, we are able to connect others in ways never seen before. From attracting customers to tracking employee biometrics, we empower companies to run safer and more effectively than ever before.

Our Brand Vision

At Loud-Hailer

Loud-Hailer is an innovative solution to an age-old problem, communication. With our patented two-way Bluetooth technology, our clients are able to communicate with others like never before. From collecting employee biometrics for company safety to luring an avid window shopper beyond your store’s threshold, we enable communication with others with a twenty-first-century mindset.


Our Historic Timeline

At Loud-Hailer

In 2014, a group of resourceful people wanted to create a way to connect phones directly to one another without the need for any external networks. From here, sprang Loud-Hailer, harnessing the technology already available in electronics to communicate like never before.

Our Leadership & Team At Loud-Hailer

Meet the trailblazers that are shaping Loud-Hailer into the breaking-edge technology company that connects people more than ever!

CEO & Co-Founder Expertise: Management Strategy & Legal

President, Chief of Creative & Co-Founder

Operations, Technology & Co-Founder

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 We here at Loud-Hailer treasure two things; Connectivity and Privacy. Please see our Privacy Policy below outlining how we establish restrictions, keeping others away from your data.