Visibility Matters

You cannot control what you cannot see

Brand Vision

Democratize the indoor positioning and real time location services market to empower every business of any size with our visibility solutions to harness the power of employee, object and asset location intelligence.


About Us

Founded in 2014, Loud-Hailer is a visibility solution focused on position intelligence for managing employees, assets and places of business. From digitizing the management of contact tracing, to powering operations with real time employee location data, to democratize the entire indoor positioning services market (est. $47B), we are committed to delivering world class solutions to all businesses.

Our team of startup, technology, and industry expertise has been working together for years on the development and evolution of our SaaS solutions and platform. We also work closely with our clients, including a Fortune 150 food services company, to ensure we’re solving your real world problems with operational excellence and ease.

We live for our mission is to deliver to businesses of any size an affordable, easy to use, solution that enables tracking and management of people, assets, and facility environments.

What we do

We unlock employee and asset location data in real time with our affordable and easy to use solution. Now you can manage and automate your operations and business processes just like heavy industry and large enterprises, who could “afford” the historic heavy lift. 

Loud-Hailer does it by combining patented, device agnostic, two-way bluetooth software with a Position Intelligence Hub to create one seamless, turnkey solution for position intelligence. Out-of-the-box, a business can set up its facility and equip people and assets within days. Once running, management can instantly track every object and movement down to the square foot and in real time. 

While similar to GPS, indoor and underground positioning needs to be managed differently to get down to the square foot and account for things like multi-level location. Legacy and other positioning technology options can solve for this. However, they usually involve large price tags, implementation and maintenance challenges, and specific devices that do not work in all environments. 

We are excited to bring the promise of affordable and easy to use indoor positioning with our Visibility Solution to every business who wants it this decade.

How we got here

In 2014, a group of resourceful people wanted to create a way to connect phones directly to one another in a time of crisis without the need for any external networks. And with the invention of our 2 way Bluetooth software, Loud-Hailer was born.

For the first 6 years, we worked with communities, organizations and businesses to connect, communicate, and engage their citizens, members and customers. Through every engagement, we learned and developed solutions and enhancements to meet the seemingly endless needs of connecting with hyper-local people in real time.

In 2020, with the global onset of COVID, we pivoted to focus on position intelligence for managing employees and places of business to address the world gripped in an ongoing global pandemic. What started with the immediate need for digitizing the management of contact tracing has expanded into a mission to democratize the indoor positioning services market (est $47B). 

Our rich journey and diverse set of experiences with our clients is what goes into our robust, turn-key solution for you.

Our Team

Meet the passionate trailblazers who are leading the way for every business to capitalize on the power of Visibility and infuse position intelligence into their nextgen operational excellence.

CEO & Co-Founder

President & Co-Founder

Special Projects, Technology Co-Founder


 We here at Loud-Hailer treasure two things; Connectivity and Privacy. Please see our Privacy Policy below outlining how we establish restrictions, keeping others away from your data.