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California Employers Must
Track & Notify Employees Of Any Exposure. Be Compliant With Loud-Hailer

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Who is Loud-Hailer?

Loud-Hailer™ has a patented Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) encrypted mesh networking technology that gives you the power to create your own connectivity. This power is resilient, mobile, private and secure.

Contact & Facility Tracing

Reopen Safe & Stay Open! It's Easy to implement, Manage all your Contact Tracing, and Secure and resilient operations and data management

Wearables Bands & BUKI HUB

Connect with employees, visitors, customers, etc. t's Easy implementation & adoption, Automatically connect with wear, clip or app, and Seamless and secure centralized management

Industries We Collaborate With

Utilized by many businesses including: Manufacturing, Warehousing, Food Processing Professional Offices Retail, Hotel & Restaurants Venues & Arenas Nursing & Residential Care Facilities Higher & Secondary Education

Getting To Know


Loud-Hailer was founded by a group of people who envisioned a world where devices connect without a central network, directly with each other, This seemingly simple but powerful thought led our team on a journey that pushed the limits of Bluetooth technology. The resulting breakthrough was inventing a 2 directional Bluetooth that is secure, resilient and mobile. We believe that giving people the power to create their own connectivity, that is secure, resilient, and works under any condition, will empower them to accomplish anything.


We Connect Your Business Digitally

Industry Mesh Network

Industry Mesh Network

Loud-Hailer connects digital any device directly to each other creating an independent, self-healing, mesh network.

Our Technology

Patented Technology

Loud-Hailer’s patented 2-directional BLE technology is a breakthrough in detecting people’s physical position anywhere in the (3D) physical world

Real Time Automation

Real Time Automation

This automatically generates real time, 3D position data which enables virtually any automated process, anywhere, anytime.

Become Compliant With LOUD-HAILER

Employers in states that must track and trace employees to notify them of any potential exposure can use Loud-Hailer.

- Easy to implement and adoption

- Seamless security for employees and management

- Secure data management for all reporting needs