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Hit your goals while empowering your workforce. Smart wearables will delight while delivering results!


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Smart Wearables makes integrating digital location into all of your processes and operations easy!

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Indoor 3D GPS

How it Works

Wearables At Work!

Unlock the power of your untapped Indoor Position Intelligence and drive Operational Efficiencies and drive employee empowerment with enhanced Safety & Security, Health and Wellness and more. Did you know:

  • over 64M adult Americans wear wearables
  • 75M wearable units already are in use in the workplace
  • All market research shows strong continued growth through the decade 


Now you can bring it to your workplace. Our patented 2-way Bluetooth software makes the Future of Work and your ability to supercharge your employees and business possible at a price that makes sense for you!

Case Studies - Client Results

Fortune 150 Company

Contact Tracing +

Needing to stay open legally and safely this CA company found so much more value.

High End Costal City & Tourist Destination

Where are they going?

The tourism industry in this town united to understand and capitalize on their valuable visitors.

Convention Center in Medium Sized City

What really happens?

Do conventions and events drive citywide value? Read more to find out!

Conglomerate Corporate Headquarters

More Than Piece of Mind

This employer found value for employees and the bottom line with wearables.

Loud-Hailer Easy Visibility Solutions

Start yours in days, scale at your pace for all your position intelligence needs

One Visibility Solution Platform

Manage one or many people, object and asset solutions and applications from your Position Intelligence Hub.

The Power is In Our Patented Technology

Our 2-Way Bluetooth software redefines what is possible in position intelligence. Hardware and device agnostic, we unlock flexible, affordable, and powerful solutions for any environment and operation.

What We Do

We unlock employee and asset location data in real time with our affordable easy to use plug and play solutions.

Isn’t Indoor Position Intelligence + RTLS for Something or Someone Else?

Nope. Efficient Operations, Management And Wellness Solutions Are Now For You

Indoor position intelligence has been around for decades. Multiple hardware and connectivity systems have been designed to solve specific problems. Usually these have sizable investments across implementation, management and maintenance. 

If you’ve never considered people, object, or asset intelligence, or previously investigated and didn’t find a fit for you, now is the time. 

Like its outdoor relative, GPS, indoor position intelligence and RTLS can be embedded in virtually any workflow indoors and underground. Unlocking your position intelligence can power all of your business operations through understanding location, movement, utilization, and everything about what is happening on site.

With our affordable, flexible and scalable system you can have one partner to unlock your position intelligence today!